UX/UI | Product Designer

Designing thoughtful products
through creativity and innovation.

Hi there, I'm Angel.

A friendly creative all-round designer. 

I'm a self-driven designer who is equipped with end-to-end UX process and branding that can help bring your visions to life.

Principles for Creating 
Thoughtful Experiences

Chaos to Calm

Making sense of complex chaos by doing the hardwork to make things simple.

Day in the Life of

Empathetically and curiously understanding the context of the person's journey and experiences.

Envision the Unknown

Treading down ambiguous paths. See it for what it could be and its potential.

Bake to Ideate

Letting fresh ideas bake and expand overnight. New ingredients could be found and added for flavour.

Co-Create and Cross-Collab

Be surrounded with people who talk about vision and ideas. New ideas come from unique perspectives and experiences.

Plan in Detail and
Execute Fast

Every minute spent on planning and priotisation saves 10 minutes in execution.


Josephine Maguire-Rosier
Product Manager and UX Designer

I’ve been impressed with her capacity to read where the group is at, stepping up and making leadership decisions or stepping back and deferring to others expertise when appropriate.

I’ve adored working with Angel, clear and decisive team leader, and a fun and friendly colleague who makes each day enjoyable. She is a pleasure to have on any team. I only hope to be able to nab her before anyone else does!


Alexi Karafilakis
Director at Mochachos

Angel has the ability to work independently as well as being a productive member of a team, always tackling all tasks with great creativity and enthusiasm. Angel rather quickly and somewhat effortlessly earned the respect of her peers who gladly followed her guidance and instruction.

She is committed, reliable and responsible, during her time with us she fully applied herself at all times in the sole interest of the business and as such contributed to the success of the restaurant.


Huon Latham
Career Coach at General Assembly

I have been able to watch her confidence transform as she began freelancing with clients and moving into cutting edge spaces like AR.

She is a self-driven individual who learns quickly, adapts, and actively seeks mentorship from various people and expertise sets to continue growing. 


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